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Blaze is an optical grade lens cleaner that helps reduce static, fog, and dust build up. 
No matter which piece you use, Blaze leaves your surfaces looking clean and polished.
Blaze 5pc.jpg

This piece is more ideal for when you need to spread Blaze over a larger surface, like a Visor or a Windshield.  One or two sprays max, a little goes a long way!


The drip is best for goggles and sunglasses with a removable or non-removable liner.  It's a thick liquid that gets deep in the corners allowing you to clean those hard to reach spots.  

We also highly recommend the drip for Camera Lenses, Hunting Scopes, Scuba masks, etc.!  

One or two drips max, a little goes a long way!





4oz. Spray

We recommend this big guy for return customers and serious riders.  Averaging about 5-7 days per application, this one is going to last you for the long haul.


Inside the jar is a thick balm-like form of Blaze.  We recommend this piece for Sunglasses and Prescription Lenses.  The thick paste fills hairline scratches and helps reduce the glare they cause.

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